Guide to Online Giving

If you require any assistance with the information on this page, we would be happy to help! Contact Tim Hartnett (716-835-2220, or Jason Christ (716-835-2220,

Transitioning to Smart Giving

If you are here looking for information about setting up a NEW online gift, click here to access Smart Giving.

If you are part of our previous online giving, read on for details about what’s next…

We recently transitioned to a new smart giving system. If you were enrolled in our “EasyTithe” system, we encourage you to move your giving to the new system as we will be discontinuing EasyTithe in the coming months. Click here to access the old giving portal.

Why the switch?

We were having some problems with the old giving platform, and weren’t pleased with their customer support. Since launching online giving 3 years ago, many new options have become available. After researching several of them, we landed on Smart Giving by Kindrid. It is easier to use for givers, provides additional giving options through Text-to-Give, and has lower fees than our current platform. However, Smart Giving currently requires access to text messaging for all gifts, even ones made online though the Smart Giving Portal. Email-only registration is coming soon, so if you don’t have text messaging capabilities, you can leave your scheduled giving alone for now. If you have access to text messaging, we are asking you to make the switch now.

What do I do?

Here is the rough outline for how to get started moving your donations:

  1. Log in to the old giving portal. (Link)
  2. Cancel your existing scheduled gifts.
  3. Sign up for the new giving portal. (Link)
  4. Set up your scheduled gifts.

Read on for more detailed instructions.

Canceling Old Scheduled Gifts

Click here to go to the old giving portal. It should look something like this:

First Trinity Lutheran Church 2014-09-23 16-12-33

Enter your username and password to login. If you can’t remember the password, click “forgot password” to reset it. If you are still unable to get in, contact Tim or Jason (see top of page). Once you are logged in, click the “Scheduled Giving” button on the left side of the page. You should now see your current scheduled gifts (if there are more than one, they will be listed at the top of the white section, just below the blue menu bar. If needed, write down the amount, frequency, and fund name to have this information handy for setting up the new gift. When ready, click “Delete Schedule” to remove the scheduled gift from the old giving portal.

Signing up for Smart Giving

Click here to access the new Smart Giving portal. You will be asked to login with your cell phone. After providing your cell phone number, you will receive a 4-digit PIN as a password. Each time you access the portal, you will receive a new PIN. This is part of the security process for the new Smart Giving portal. Once you have the PIN, enter it and click “Verify”. If this is your first time accessing the giving platform, you will be asked to set up an account. The screen should look something like this:

Fill in your Name, Email, Street Address and Billing Zip in the left column, then choose a giving method. We accept Checking/Savings Accounts and Credit/Debit cards at this time. Do what’s best for you, but you should know that we receive 99.5% of your gift via Checking/Savings and 97.5% of your gift via Credit/Debit. Regardless of method, you will be credited in your giving statement with the full gift amount. While some people are turned off by the fees, the church actually saves more money than we pay in fees because everything is automated through this process, which saves staff and volunteers time, while also increasing accuracy and financial privacy.

After entering your payment information, enter an amount to give on the right column. Click the arrow next to “One-time gift” and select a schedule for your gift if setting up a recurring donation. Next, choose the fund you wish to donate towards. We recommend giving most of your contribution to “Mission and Ministry”. This is the fund that pays for most of our ministry and programs at First Trinity, and has the most long-term impact in achieving our mission.

By default, one-time and most scheduled gifts will begin on day it is entered. If you would like to change this, click the “Change?” link below the fund and choose a new start date. Once you are sure everything is set up, click the orange “Give” button to make your contribution. Scheduled contributions will happen on their own for the future and you will receive a text and email notification of the gift being processed. If you wish to make changes, or make an additional one-time gift, login to the portal as you did in the beginning of this process and enter the information. You can also make a one-time gift to Mission and Ministry by simply texting the amount you would like to give to 716-710-8800. Text “Keywords” to the same number to see other one-time gift options that are available.


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