Parent Resources – Death and Suicide

Parent Resources – Death and Suicide

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Resources for those in Crisis or Considering Suicide

If you or a friend is in crisis or considering taking your own life, please know there is hope!
Use one of these resources or simply call 911 for a listening ear and help.

  • Crisis Text Line – 741741 – Text anytime 24/7 to receive help in any kind of crisis or if you have a friend in need.
  • National Crisis Phone Line – 1-800-273-8255 – Call anytime 24/7 to receive help in any kind of crisis or if you have a friend in need.
  • Local Crisis Services – 716-834-3131 – Anyone of any age who is experiencing a personal, emotional or mental health crisis can call 24 hours a day.

Helping Teenagers Deal with Death

While these resources are written for situations that involve death by suicide, many of the concepts relate to any situation where someone has died.  The key is to listen and be active in helping them process their grief.

  • Bible Verses, Prayer Ideas, and Conversation Starters– This document has some tips for talking to your kids in time of loss including some ways to start that conversation as well as Bible verses to talk about together or even sample text messages you might send them in the days following the loss to remind them they are loved and point them to the comfort Jesus provides.
  • Parents Helping a Child – This has some key tips for parents to help children in their time of loss.
  • Helping A Survivor Heal – A resource with ideas and tips to walk with anyone who has lost a friend or family member to suicide.

Signs of Depression and Suicide and Resources to Help

Keep your eyes open for people around you who may be struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.   Here are ways to talk about these tough topics and places to get help if needed.

  • Video about Depression, Bullying, Cutting, and Sucide in Youth – These amazing videos were created by another church for their ministry, but have excellent information about these tough topics and how you as a parent can walk with your children or their friends as they deal with these things.
  • Teen Suicide: What Parents Need to Know – Helpful statistics and signs to watch for related to teen suicide.
  • Teen Depression: A Guide For Parents – This guide is a helpful tool for learning more about depression in general and how to help your children or others dealing with this common issue.
  • Understanding and Spotting Signs of Depression  – 1 in 10 adults, along with many children and teenagers deal with long term depression.  Know the signs to watch for and get some basic facts as well as ways to help at this website.
  • Saddleback Church recently hosted a Parent Summit about Teenagers and Mental Health. They recorded the whole thing here to allow others to benefit from the event as well. While some of the pieces (especially the last part) were specific to things going on at their church much of it provided great information about mental health and mental illness especially as it pertains to youth.
  • Counseling Services – While there are many places to get counseling services, we highly recommend the Christian Counseling Ministries of WNY.  If you need more information or other recommendations, please contact a staff member.