Mission Support

Mission Support

Changing Our World

Why not put your loose change to work? We have a safe in the main office hallway where you can drop your spare change. All of the coins we receive is used to send missionaries from First Trinity to various parts of the world and our country. This includes our annual China, Haiti, and Youth Mission Trips.

There are also jars available for you to take home and use while saving coins.

Mission Madness (November 9, 2019)

We hold one event to help pay for our mission teams to serve others in Jesus’ Name. It is a theme-basket style fundraiser, usually held in November. There are over 120 baskets worth $50 or more, plus several items that are worth $100 or more.

Scrip Gift Cards

Our student ministry sells gift cards to help pay for their mission trip. Here’s how it works:

  • You buy gift cards at face value. For example, a $100 Target gift card costs you $100.
  • We buy the gift cards at a discounted rate. For example, that Target gift card costs us $95 to purchase.
  • We keep the difference and use it to send youth on mission trips.

Scrip Gift Cards are great for gifts, but also for everyday shopping. Each year we raise around $4,000 for missions through this program. Here is the current order form to see some of the options available. Many cards are available immediately, while others need to be ordered and are generally available in about one week. Gift cards can be ordered during the week in the main office or on Sundays at the Ministry Support Center.