The Host Team

The Host Team

Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!

Hebrews 13:2

Have you ever gone somewhere new and wondered where you were supposed to go? Where to sit? What to do? Many guests have the same types of questions coming to a new church for the first time.

As a member of the Host Team, you can make them feel at home.

Saying “hello” to someone new is a critical component of sharing Jesus with them. Your presence prepares them to hear from Jesus during their visit.

There are currently 4 areas of service in the Host Team. Here’s a quick overview:


Greeters create a comfortable environment by offering a sincere greeting and acknowledging each guest.


  • Position themselves near the entrance doors to greet guests and regular attendees alike.
  • Acknowledge a new attendee or frequent visitor who’s not a member
  • Are familiar with the building to help answer questions like, “Where’s the restroom?”
  • Make contact after the service with a new attendee or visitor to inquire if they filled out a visitor card or if we can provide any information to them about our church or just say, “Thanks for worshiping with us today.”
  • Stay in assigned area until ten minutes after service begins to welcome anyone running a little late.

Parking Lot Hosts

Parking Lot hosts create a comfortable environment and incredible first impression for guests by offering a safe and easy parking.

Parking Lot Hosts:

  • Position themselves outside the front entrance doors.
  • Provide valet parking when requested.
  • Open the doors and welcome everyone to our church.
  • Keep sidewalks clear of any snow or ice, and apply salt, as needed.


Ushers create a comfortable environment for guests by welcoming them and offering assistance to make engaging with the service both easy and distraction free.


  • Position yourself in the lobby area, ready to assist an attendee who needs directions.
  • Help people find seats or assistance to their seats, walk them down the aisle if necessary or to the bathroom hallway
  • Count the number of attendees and those taking communion.
  • During communion assist with releasing worshipers from their pews.
  • Monitor offering plate and remove envelopes, cash, and prayer request cards to appropriate locations.
  • Straighten out all pew racks after service and remove any left behind papers


The Hospitality team creates a comfortable environment for guests by providing convenient, quality refreshments and interacting with each guest that approaches the hospitality area.

Hospitality team members:

  • Welcome all attendees who approach and assist them as needed.
  • Provide drinks and snacks.
  • Provide coffee cups with lids.
  • Maintain cleanliness and presentation.
  • Remain in hospitality area until the service or Sunday school begins.
  • Clean any/all lobby tables and hospitality area.

Ready to get involved?

The first step to joining the Host Team is to come to training. You can register using the link below. Coming to training does not commit you to anything. This is a chance to hear more about the role and ask questions. Afterwards you can opt-in to the various roles. It’s also helpful training for those who aren’t officially on the team because it takes everyone paying attention to really make this a warm, inviting place.

Questions or want to get involved? Get in touch with Dave Shotwell or Pastor Jason.