First Trinity Music Conservatory

First Trinity Music Conservatory

Theological Basis

Music is a special creation of God. Immediately after God had created the world, His angels were so filled with wonder and overjoyed at the wonderful world He had created that Scripture tells us “the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy.” (Job 38:7)

Throughout Scripture God and His children use music to celebrate His wonderful works and proclaim His great redeeming love. The Bible also reveals that at the end of time the Saints and angels will sing the “new song”, songs that proclaim God’s greatest act of love, the redemption of mankind through the death and resurrection His Son Jesus Christ. This Eternal Choir will include all believers who have died believing in our Lord Jesus Christ, for they are counted among the Saints. For all of eternity the Whole Company of Heaven will sing songs such as this one regarding Jesus Christ, “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!” (Revelation 5:12) As such, music is central to the communal worship life of God’s people as well as beneficial to a Christian’s private and home devotional life.

Why Host a Music Conservatory?

Martin Luther understood how important it was to train musicians so they can sing the eternal song and lead others to do the same. He advocated music education not only in schools, but also at seminaries. First Trinity joins with several other Lutheran Churches around the country through the ministry of David’s Harp to establish a new generation of music education in the church for the glory of God.

Our primary objectives include:

  • Provide an avenue for outreach by developing relationships in the community through music (lessons, concerts, lectures, demonstration recitals, seminars and workshops).
  • Train musicians for the proclamation of the Word of God through music in the Divine Service.
  • Using the gift of music, we can proclaim the Word of God privately through lessons and publicly with concerts, lectures, demonstration recitals, and seminars and workshops.
  • Bring new members into the church to hear the Scriptures read and taught, to be baptized, and respond to God’s grace as the Holy Spirit works faith in the hearts of those who hear the Word of God.
  • Provide a service and show mercy members to community members and organizations who otherwise would not have much access to live music by presenting student concerts in nursing homes, care centers, etc.

Ready to get started?

Meet the Team

David Werth

David has been playing the organ since he was 13 years old. He began serving at First Trinity in 2020 and teaching organ lessons in 2021. David is a patient and experienced teacher. He also provides leadership for our Conservatory.

Bethany Erhardt

Bethany teaches cello through the Buffalo Cello school. She offers group and single lessons and has hosted several recitals for her students to show off their hard work.

Julia Cordani

Julia is a classically trained singer. She teaches voice lessons for all ages, experience levels, and interests.

Joyce Shchurowsky

Joyce is a recently retired piano teacher with Buffalo City Schools. She joined our team in September 2022.


Bill Cook

Bill Cook provides voice lessons and vocal coaching to students of all ages, experience levels and styles. He currently directs the choirs of Holy Cross Lutheran Church, St. Paul Lutheran Church and Brothers of Harmony male chorus.

Sue Tichy

Sue has 30 years experience teaching band, instrumental lessons, and music education. She has worked with elementary up through college students, and her students are regularly selected for All-County, Area All-state, and Conference All-state ensembles