Lasting Legacy

Men having a business meeting in a restaurant.

Acknowledging God’s Blessings

Learning to acknowledge God’s blessings is the beginning step of faithful management of His gifts.  Greg and Mike were meeting for lunch. Greg was dreading this meeting because he was used to Mike always complaining about how hard his life is. On this particular day, Greg was surprised. Mike was telling the story of how he and his wife had recently decided that they should get their estate plan in place. The process began as Mike and his wife met…
Restful aged couple

Changing Your Plan with Life’s Changes

Life is full of milestone events that impact the gifts we plan from our estates. In 1971, Herb and Rachel lost their son in the Vietnam War. Though that was 52 years ago, Herb and Rachel still remember the day they received the bad news. Today, their son would have been 71. They wonder why they are still living at 94, when their son’s life was so short. They are thankful that in Jesus, both they and their son will…
Construction of a wooden house on a cement base, foundation.

Building an Estate Plan that Reflects Confidence in Christ

Life is full of starts and stops, but the Lord looks at all our lives in one grand design. Our estate plans dwell in the grand design vision, instead of focusing only on the moment. Bev and Frank were sitting out on their porch one evening reflecting on the events of their lives. Since marriage, they had lived in five different cities, as jobs had led them. Children’s school events had once captured their lives. Now their local pickleball tournaments…