Gift Planning and Taxes

Gift Planning and Taxes

A good gift plan within one’s estate plan can help manage taxation.

Kelly and Lisa were having lunch. Both of their husbands have passed in the last couple of years, and they are learning to take over the responsibility for finances. This has been a big transition for both. 

Kelly said to Lisa, “I have adapted well. I have come to appreciate all that Howard did all those years.  The one thing that still intimidates me is the taxes. I am thankful I have a good tax preparer that makes this less stressful.”

Lisa responded, “For the first time in my life I am paying more attention to taxes as well. In my mind, I never really made the connection between my contributions to Church and other ministries and the amount of tax we pay. This year my Church is in a campaign to enable a building expansion for more ministry. Joe and I had already settled on a certain portion of our estate that we would give to our Church. My tax lady told me that if I give some of that now in the campaign, I can reduce my income taxes this year by 60%. I think that will make a difference in paying for the higher-than-expected pharmacy bills I have been having. It is amazing how the Lord provides His gifts at just the right time, in the right way.”

Is the Lord leading you to use His gifts for ministry purposes? Would you like to discuss whether gifts now or in the future make more sense, especially considering taxes? Our First Trinity Gift Planning Counselors can help.

Ron Grimm | 412-584-7039

Ron holds a bachelors degree and an advanced degree, both in architectural studies.  Ron is active in his church, bringing experience gained there over the years as congregational president, board member, stewardship advocate and ministry program leader to this gift planning position.

Linda Gage | 716-946-8111

Linda is a daughter of First Trinity and has served in leadership and development positions with the LCMS for twenty nine years and is a certified Christian Development Executive. She brings joy, enthusiasm, technical skills and experience to assist you in creating or updating your plan. Linda resides in western New York with her husband, Don, on their 75 acre fruit farm of vineyards and orchards.


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