Changing Your Plan with Life’s Changes

Changing Your Plan with Life’s Changes

Life is full of milestone events that impact the gifts we plan from our estates.

In 1971, Herb and Rachel lost their son in the Vietnam War. Though that was 52 years ago, Herb and Rachel still remember the day they received the bad news. Today, their son would have been 71. They wonder why they are still living at 94, when their son’s life was so short. They are thankful that in Jesus, both they and their son will live with Jesus in eternity.

A year before their son left for Vietnam, he had married, and his wife was expecting a child when he left. Through the years, Herb and Rachel felt responsible for this child, but now they know that at age 52, their grandson is a successful, happily married man with children of his own. The plans they included in their estate 52 years ago are no longer needed for his survival.

Herb and Rachel feel it is time to rebalance their estate plan, equally dividing the family inheritance between their two surviving children, and this grandson. As they contemplate this, they realize that both of their children, just like their grandson, are quite comfortable financially. But they have been hearing a lot lately at Church that families need scholarship support to send their children to the Lutheran School. There is an endowment fund set up for that purpose. They feel their estate plan should include a gift for this endowment. Yet at their age, the work of figuring this all out on their own seems intimidating. They called their Gift Planning Counselor, who led them with some questions, to finally settle on a $100,000 gift for ministry. They found out they could create this gift simply by changing a beneficiary designation on their IRA which they never touch. They are thankful more children will be taught about Jesus, just like their son was when he was in this school.

Do you sense that your plans are changing? Our First Trinity Gift Planning Counselors can help you organize that new plan. Get in touch with Ron or Linda today!

Ron Grimm | 412-584-7039

Ron holds a bachelors degree and an advanced degree, both in architectural studies.  Ron is active in his church, bringing experience gained there over the years as congregational president, board member, stewardship advocate and ministry program leader to this gift planning position.

Linda Gage | 716-946-8111

Linda is a daughter of First Trinity and has served in leadership and development positions with the LCMS for twenty nine years and is a certified Christian Development Executive. She brings joy, enthusiasm, technical skills and experience to assist you in creating or updating your plan. Linda resides in western New York with her husband, Don, on their 75 acre fruit farm of vineyards and orchards.


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