Building an Estate Plan that Reflects Confidence in Christ

Building an Estate Plan that Reflects Confidence in Christ

Life is full of starts and stops, but the Lord looks at all our lives in one grand design. Our estate plans dwell in the grand design vision, instead of focusing only on the moment.

Bev and Frank were sitting out on their porch one evening reflecting on the events of their lives. Since marriage, they had lived in five different cities, as jobs had led them. Children’s school events had once captured their lives. Now their local pickleball tournaments take up much of their time. They smiled and cried together as they reflected on life’s events.

But then Frank said, “Life just feels disjointed. With all the twists and turns, what was the purpose?” Bev responded, “Do you remember that verse from Bible study the other night? I think it was Colossians 3:17. Pastor made us memorize it. ‘Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.’ I’m pretty sure that’s the point, don’t you?” “You are right,” Frank said. “Do you think our estate plans reflect that confidence or should we call the LCMS Foundation Gift Planning Counselor who spoke at Church last week?” Bev replied, “Let’s call her. I want to celebrate Jesus in all our life stages.”

If you’re interested in thinking through your estate plan and how to bless your family by leaving a lasting legacy of faith, our First Trinity Gift Planning Counselors can help. Get in touch with Linda or Ron today!

Linda Gage | 716-946-8111

Linda is a daughter of First Trinity and has served in leadership and development positions with the LCMS for twenty nine years and is a certified Christian Development Executive. She brings joy, enthusiasm, technical skills and experience to assist you in creating or updating your plan. Linda resides in western New York with her husband, Don, on their 75 acre fruit farm of vineyards and orchards.

Ron Grimm | 412-584-7039

Ron holds a bachelors degree and an advanced degree, both in architectural studies.  Ron is active in his church, bringing experience gained there over the years as congregational president, board member, stewardship advocate and ministry program leader to this gift planning position.


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