Education Hour-September 10 to October 15

Education Hour-September 10 to October 15

We have classes for all ages! We meet each Sunday from 10-11 a.m.

Adult Classes

1 Timothy 1 Timothy is a New Testament letter written from a spiritual mentor (Paul) to a young student (Timothy) about living the faith. Paul gives Timothy advice and encouragement on how to live as a follower of Jesus in the midst of difficult times. Join us as we study this short book filled with practical wisdom.. Led by Pastor Chuck and Susan Whited. Meets in Lower Level, has Zoom component.

To join via Zoom, go to or open your Zoom app, click “join a meeting” and enter the following:

Meeting ID: 829 7690 8882

Passcode: 516147

Forgive: Why Should I and How Can I? Forgiving anyone in a meaningful way is one of the hardest things a person has to do. If you do not, resentment and vengeance begin to consume you. It is nearly impossible to move past transgression without forgiveness, but few people have the resources and the tools to forgive others fully and move on with their lives. Forgiveness is an essential skill, and something that Jesus asks us to do. We will be using material from the Bible and from Timothy Keller’s most recent book on forgiveness to help us learn how to forgive. Led by Sue Steege, meets in the Library.

High School Youth – In Person only

Meets in the Upper Level Classroom off the hallway to the gym.

Grades 7 & 8 – In Person only

Meets on Lower Level at the far end Lounge

Grade 6 – In Person only

Meets on Lower Level, in the kitchen

Grades 1-5 “FT Kids” – In Person only

Meets in the gym. FT Kids meets in a large group for part of the hour, then in grade level groups with a shepherd.

Preschool/Kindergarten – In Person only

Meets in the lower level of the preschool building, far room.

Age 4 and those in Kindergarten


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