Education Hour – May 21-June 11

Education Hour – May 21-June 11

Adult Classes – 4 Weeks

Numbers – Continued

This class was started last session but newcomers can join right in. Ever wonder what the Old Testament book of Numbers is about? We don’t talk much about this fascinating book, but there are some great lessons for us. We learn about grumbling, dealing with anger, the earth swallowing up people, talking animals and so much more. Join us for this fun and insightful book of Moses. Led by Rev. Dr. Charles E. Whited, Jr.

(meets on the Lower Level or via Zoom)

To join via Zoom, go to or open your Zoom app, click “join a meeting” and enter the following:

Meeting ID: 829 7690 8882

Passcode: 516147

What Do You Do with What You’ve Got?

Starting from the idea that everything we have (time, money, environment, talents, etc.) belongs to God, this class will take a look at how we can distribute God’s gifts for His good. You’ll have a chance to learn exactly how you’ve been gifted, think about how you can manage the money and possessions God has given you, and more! Led by Anneliese Plyler, First Trinity Member and teacher at St. John Lutheran School.

(meets in the Library)

High School Youth – In Person only

Meets in the Upper Level Classroom off the hallway to the gym.

Grades 7 & 8 – In Person only

Meets on Lower Level at the far end Lounge

Grade 6 – In Person only

Meets on Lower Level, in the kitchen

Grades 1-5 “FT Kids” – In Person only

Meets in the gym. FT Kids meets in a large group for part of the hour, then in grade level groups with a shepherd.

Preschool/Kindergarten – In Person only

Meets in the lower level of the preschool building, far room.

Age 4 and those in Kindergarten


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