Singing the Psalms – October 26, 2022

Singing the Psalms – October 26, 2022

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will reflect on 8 different psalms. Service starts at 7 p.m. in the Lower Level, but we’ll have coffee, water, and tea available at 6:45 if you want to come early and enjoy some fellowship. Bring your own mug or use one of ours! If you’d like to follow along with the Psalms in your own Bible, bring it along. We’ll be using English Standard Version (ESV) for public reading.

This week we are focusing on Psalms of Confidence. These psalms express trust in God even in the face of opposition or hardship. Sometimes they are born out of laments that seem to go unanswered, but the we are still led to trust in God’s gracious activity on our behalf. The two Psalms of Confidence we will explore are:

Psalm 23

About this Psalm: In faith, David declares that since Yahweh is his shepherd, he “shall not want” (vs. 1). Our Good Shepherd lovingly provides everything that we need in this life, but we often fail to recognize that these gifts come from Him. Instead, we focus on things that we want, but do not need. How wonderful that our Shepherd does not withhold His blessings from us, but still cares for these needs and more: He gives us His own Son! (from the Lutheran Study Bible)

Psalm 27

About this Psalm: David recognizes that when the Lord is on his side, he has nothing to fear. Human beings are prone to fearful responses. We worry about problems in this life, acting as if we face them alone. Yet God is our light and our salvation. Since He has redeemed us, we have nothing to fear. “If God is for us, who can be against us?” (Romans 8:31) (from the Lutheran Study Bible)

Service Design

We will be using Holden Evening Prayer for the basic order of service. A full description of the evening is available on this post. Below you will find a recording of Holden if you’re interested in learning the music or revisiting the liturgy throughout the week. We have trained singers to help lead and will use piano each week. Other instruments will join in throughout the series as well.


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