Singing the Psalms – October 19, 2022

Singing the Psalms – October 19, 2022

Over the course of 4 weeks, we will reflect on 8 different psalms. Service starts at 7 p.m. in the Lower Level, but we’ll have coffee, water, and tea available at 6:45 if you want to come early and enjoy some fellowship. Bring your own mug or use one of ours! If you’d like to follow along with the Psalms in your own Bible, bring it along. We’ll be using English Standard Version (ESV) for public reading.

This week we are focusing on Psalms of Lament. Laments are often sung when we feel disoriented—when we are in distress and things are not all OK. There may be an invocation or plea to God for help to begin the psalm, complaints about our life or the world around us, and a confession of sins. Most (but not all!) of the Laments end in a place of praise and joy, confident that our God will intervene. Our two Psalms of Lament are:

Psalm 10

About this Psalm: The psalmist confidently prays that God will root out those who are wicked and take advantage of the weak and poor throughout Israel so that they “may strike terror no more” (vs. 18). Such behavior, David reminds us, will be called into account. There is hope, however, whether we have taken advantage of the weak or have been the victim of oppression. The Lord has compassion on those oppressed by sin.  (from the Lutheran Study Bible)

Psalm 130

About this Psalm: The psalmist is in a state of emotional desolation, overwhelmed with misery and guilt. Yet as he realizes God hears his pleas and grants him full forgiveness, his darkness slowly gives way to light and the hope of “plentiful redemption” (vs. 7). If we are honest with ourselves, we must admit the depths of our sinfulness. When we are overwhelmed, God hears our pleas for mercy. He does not remember our sins, but rather grants us free forgiveness through the work of Christ, who gives us hope. Christ plunges into our depths to raise us in salvation. (from the Lutheran Study Bible)

Service Design

We will be using Holden Evening Prayer for the basic order of service. A full description of the evening is available on this post. Below you will find a recording of Holden if you’re interested in learning the music or revisiting the liturgy throughout the week. We have trained singers to help lead and will use piano each week. Other instruments will join in throughout the series as well.


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