Ian Relief Trip: Day 5

Today’s adventures took us back to the mobile home park to complete their muck out as well as helping a neighbor with a few items. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to help her as much as we’d like because there were other needs we had to get to at another house. The main project there was completed though. We were able to get all the flooring out, all appliances except the fridge, and muck out everything on our list. Jim, David, Nancy, and Wendy (our friend from North Carolina) were all on this project.

Dan and Susan went back to the first street we helped to complete the anti-mold spray. Dan reports feeling like a ghostbuster with the large pack on his back as they walked through the house spraying down all the studs. The spray helps kill any existing mold that has started to grow and prevents future growth. One spray is done now and another after this first coat has completely dried.

Pastor Jason and John (our friend from New Jersey) got started on the new project. It had a beautiful view of the river–which meant lots of river water coming in during the storm. We had to gut the entire house, get rid of the appliances, and fix a leaky water line (still in process) so they could at least have running water. We are trying to save the granite countertops in the kitchen, which slows things down but saves the owner a lot of money when rebuilding. After lunch, Dan and Susan joined this project.

What happened at lunch you may be wondering. Or you aren’t. But it’s OK, we’ll still tell you all about it. Our friends from Louisiana gave out around 3,000 hot meals. They have large cauldrons that can cook enough jambalaya for 800-1000 meals each. We got to sample their cooking and can report it was quite delicious.

Prayer Requests

  • We’ve had some illness in the crew, but we’re getting back to full strength. Please pray everyone is back to full strength soon.
  • Pray for Lisa, our new resident to work with as well as her son Paul as they rebuild their place on the river.
  • Pray for Bob and Joanne from the mobile home as they wait to restore their trailer in the months ahead.
  • Thank you Jesus for the people of Zion, our host congregation. They’ve taken really good care of us.

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  1. Tim and Mary Lou

    Keeping you all in our prayers, especially for restored health snd safety at all times!!

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