Haiti Update – October 4, 2021

Haiti Update – October 4, 2021

We will have missed some days of updates, but let me tell you, our ministry partners in Haiti are working hard every day to bring the love of Jesus, clean water and support for churches and pastors all around Southern Haiti.  Here are some recent highlights:

  • On Saturday, September 26, Israelson, Hudsen, and Dilano (along with others) brought children’s ministry and Christian movie night to Brieux. The generator donated by Dave Shotwell helps make this possible The movie was “Overcomer”
  • The church at Carre Four Du Clu is almost complete. Remember this is one of three churches being rebuilt by LCMS World Relief. Key names in those projects are Jackie Rychel (from the US, works with LCMS World Relief), Pastor Marky (Project engineer, Israelson’s uncle), and Israelson (Project Manager). These building projects are bringing hope and a place to worship/go to school. They employ Haitian workers as well. God be praised!
  • They are now a good bit of the way in rebuilding the school in Maniche!
  • Israelson is working on a project to rebuild a big portion of the wall at CIO (see video, attached) This is very important for security. 
  • Israelson was able to deliver First Trinity’s contribution to Pierre’s ministry. Pierre is a longtime friend and helper to First Trinity when we are in Haiti. He also has a children’s ministry and was building a school in Simon, which the earthquake destroyed.
  • On Tuesday, September 28, Israelson received a call from Hope for Haiti that he could pick up 100 bucket filters, 200 tarps, and 300 cassavas. So he is thrilled to be able to offer that kind of relief to more hurting people in the area. 
  • In general, Israelson faces gas shortages every day. Sometimes this means “fights” at gas stations. Sometimes it means finding gas in unlikely places along the way. Gas is critical for vehicles and for generators. Continue to pray for Israelson’s safety, as well as for God’s provision, when it comes to gas.
  • There is also sweet time with Isaac. I’m attaching a picture of him with Grandma Leonie for your viewing pleasure!
  • Also attaching a dear video of a little girl singing with Hudsen (an Isidor cousin) during children’s ministry. God is on the move!
  • First Trinity’s generous people have provided some more funds to CIO and to Israelson’s ministry.

Friends, please continue to pray for our friends in Haiti. Life has not gotten easier since the earthquake. Pray that Jesus will be clear to all.

If you use Facebook, you can follow/friend Israelson Isidor as he posts almost daily.

Hudsen and little girl singing


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