Haiti Update – September 4, 2021

Haiti Update – September 4, 2021

We continue to hear from Israelson, who is out on the road every day, visiting churches and pastors all over Haiti. Here are some things he’s shared:

  • He has run out of Sawyer Water Filters and is hoping to get more from his source, Fritz. Please keep this in your prayers.
  • He has been taking hygiene kits (see pic below) to these remote places. They have soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. They are purchasing their supplies from local vendors in Les Cayes–which is awesome because it helps those vendors.
  • He asked us to pray for Pastor Marky, who was traveling in from Jacmel yesterday, so that they can do “demolition” at the church at Carre Four du clu, which is the first church (of 3) that the LCMS is rebuilding. Pastor Marky is the engineer for the project and Israelson is the project manager.
  • Some of the places Israelson has been visiting: Jeremie, Deboury (in Grande Anse Department), and Ro Desormeaux. Way out on the tip of Haiti.
  • Israelson shared that SEED Ministries took a hard hit in the quake (see pic below). Thanks be to God, no one was hurt. It is so hard to see a place that has been such an oasis of hope and help be so damaged. Our mission teams have visited SEED many times. They prepare people to be helpers with farming, animals and telling people about Jesus in the Haitian communities.
  • They continue to feed people daily at CIO (see pic) and Leonie is seeing people in medical clinics every day.

Click HERE to see a very poignant video that Israelson posted this morning on Facebook. He talks about the devastation (people sleeping in tents, people robbing each other, people hungry, etc.) and says that six months from now they will still be in an emergency situation. He talks about understanding that he’s “no savior” and encourages people not to give up hope in God.


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