Haiti Update – September 13, 2021

Haiti Update – September 13, 2021

You can follow Israelson Isidor on Facebook where he posts often. Search for Israelson Isidor/FirmlyRooted Ministries.

Here are some highlights of what’s been happening with our friends and ministry partners in Haiti:

  • Pastor Versaillot Jean Claude of the church Carrefour du clu (the one that is currently being re-built) has been diagnosed with some heart problems; very serious, that may not be able to be addressed. Israelson was crying when he told us and asked us to please pray for him by name.  He has been a “soldier” in the ministry. Went to Carrefour du clu because Pastor Israelson told him to go. He has been hospitalized but was released today. See the picture of Israelson who drove a long way to get him from the hospital because no one else could do it.
  • Israelson was thrilled to get 100 Sawyer filters and five gallon buckets to use them with from Hope for Haiti. They had said the limit was 50, but they gave them 100. Traveling with these things is tricky because of the potential of being robbed. Please continue to pray for Israelson’s safety and that the filters will get where they are supposed to go.
  • Israelson is working with the Lutheran churches all over and making them the hub of where people can find help and hope in small villages and towns around the South of Haiti. These past days he has done a lot of work in small villages around the far tip of Haiti (see map attached). He is feeding hungry people, and caring for those who are hurting, tending to orphans, widows, elderly, and bringing clean water. As Jaime said, “way to be the Bible in action.”
  • Each day, Israelson faces gas shortages (he often starts out his day with less gas than he needs and prays to find it on the side of the road), roads that are impassable, roads that are rocky and rough, threats of crime, and more. And yet he keeps going. We really need to pray for him. He is boots on the ground and our prayers really make a difference to him. There are helpers to pray for, too: Hudsen, Dilano, Kerbens.
  • Other names to pray for: Yelline, Leonie, Jean Willy, Cincia, Mirline, Velline, Moise, Elda, Isaac, Claudine…there are more, but these are the ones I can remember right now.
  • We heard from Genet, who is in Florida with Stephon and Gregory. Gregory started school last week. He is in 7th grade at Renaissance Charter School in West Palm Beach. Stephon is waiting to hear about being accepted to another Charter School. He will be in the 9th grade. Please continue to pray for these boys and their parents at this kind of separation. We were able to send a Walmart card to help with groceries (or whatever else) from the donations from First Trinity. They were very thankful for the prayers and support.

That’s it for now, friends. Please pray.
In His Light,

Sue Steege

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  1. Dave

    I read this. Then reread this in prayer. I desire to have a world view covered in prayer.

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