Haiti Update – September 1, 2021

Haiti Update – September 1, 2021

  • Israelson Isidor spent this week with the people from LCMS Disaster Response. The LCMS (Lutheran Church Missouri Synod) is the national church body that First Trinity is a part of. He was traveling with Rev. Dr. Ross Johnson and Jackie Rychel. Jackie has been doing work in Haiti for years–often in Jacmel.
  • Also traveling with them was Pastor Marky, who is a leader in the Lutheran Church and also in Haiti (he was the mayor of Jacmel at one time).
  • Also traveling with them all week was Kerbens, one of the young men who grew up at CIO (the Children of Irael Orphanage, the orphanage First Trinity has supported). Israelson shared how proud he is of Kerbens this week and of Kerbens and Dilano in general who have been his right-hand men during all of this. Many of the young adults who grew up at CIO have been helping during this time: Cincia, Mirline, Claudine, and others. JUST SO GREAT. They are learning the joys and challenges of serving the Lord in a time like this.
  • The roads were terribly rocky and undone.
  • They visited Maniche. You have seen the pictures from there. The LCMS plans to rebuild the school in Maniche.
  • They visited Lazil. The damage is worse there than Maniche (sigh). The LCMS will rebuild the church there called Mon Guillot. It was 8 hours off the main road. And they lost 12 people from that church alone.
  • They visited Carrefour du clu. That is the church where First Trinity donated a well. The LCMS will rebuild the church there.
  • Pastor Marky will be the Engineer of these building projects and Israelson will carry them out.
  • Israelson and Pastor Marky are talking about starting an organization called Secours Lutherien (“Rescue Lutherans” in French) for disaster relief. It was an old dream of Pastor Izidor’s but the idea is to be ready to deploy and help in times of disaster (Chain Saw Team for hurricane disasters, First Aid, etc.) and not have to depend on the International Community as much. It would be Lutherans working together, but often the churches don’t want to work together, so pray for that.
  • Israelson’s God-sighting was running into a pastor up in the hills that he had not seen in 20 years who remembered his dad. He reminded Israelson of his father’s dream and how he cared about the most underprivileged and the far far parts of Haiti. And there is Israelson in the far far parts of Haiti sharing the love of Jesus.
  • They shared water filters every day on this trip as well.
  • AND Baby Isaac got baptized!

  • There have been some updates about ministry happening with the Isidor family on the “Earthquake Relief for Haiti” Facebook page started by Ezechias Isidor and Yelline and Ketura as well as Israelson Isidor/FirmlyRooted Ministries . You can check there anytime. Some things:
    • Leonie and the medical staff have been providing medical care to hundreds of patients over the last week
    • They are providing food in the community
    • Yelline shared some artwork from the kids in the orphanage. She said, “Some of the kids’ drawing, expressing their feelings and emotions from the recent earthquake.” They are poignant. You can see them in a slide show on our Haiti Media post.
  • First Trinity has sent money for the church in Ile a Vache and in Les Cayes. The attached picture is Pastor Lubin from the church on Ile a Vache picking up the money from Israelson. Click HERE to see a video of Israelson translating a message to us from Pastor Lubin. Notice the tent city in the background that has grown up on the soccer field adjacent to the church in Les Cayes. HUGE thanks go to Israelson and Firmly Rooted Ministries. We are sending the money through Firmly Rooted to Israelson who gets it to these pastors. Having a trustworthy way to help money get to the people who really need it is so rare in Haiti. It is a God-sighting FOR SURE. Israelson is talking about heading to Ile a Vache in the next couple days.
  • Israelson was headed out today to the woman who retired from being a caretaker at the Orphanage. Some First Trinity men worked on her house at one of our last trips. Israelson was heading out to see how she and her home fared in the quake, and what kind of help she might need. He said, “It’s a great day, and we are ready to serve God.”
  • Hudsen seems to be with Israelson right now. Click HERE to see a video of him cheering the kids at some of the places of great destruction they visited yesterday.


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