Haiti Update – August 23, 2021

Haiti Update – August 23, 2021

Some reminders, friends, that the very best we can do right now is PRAY, send funds, and ask what they need. It is important to let our Haitian friends lead the way in this disaster response. They know their community. They know the needs. God has them in place and is using them for His purposes. It is helpful in a time like this to notice what God IS doing, and not what we think He isn’t.

  • Some specific prayer requests from Israelson:
    • For his truck to keep working. Specifically this week for the fuel pump, which is acting up.
    • For wisdom to recognize the devil’s traps
    • That he and his family would remember God’s faithfulness
    • For more water filters to share with people who need them.
  • And some other prayer requests:
    • For Israelson’s health and safety
    • That he would not be overwhelmed by the need, but be guided by the Spirit exactly where to give the help that is needed.
    • For times of refreshing from the Lord.
    • For the widow of Pastor Reliere from the church in Maniche
    • For Israelson’s wife Elda, their baby Isaac, and their other two children Arnou and Amanda
    • For Leonie, Jean Willy, Yelline, Genet, Gregory, Stephan (Izidor family members)

It looks like Claudine (another young adult who grew up at CIO) has been at CIO helping with baby Isaac (see picture above)

Over the last couple days, we have heard mostly from Israelson Izidor. He continues to work hard at sharing the Word of the Lord, the love of Jesus, and water filters to those around him. Here is some of what he has shared:

  • He, Dilano, Keribins, Cincia, Mirline (these are young adults who grew up at CIO) drove to Maniche. Israelson is determined that the young adults who grew up at CIO give back to the community and share the love of Jesus in this time. It’s pretty cool.¬†They had to take a detour from the most direct route because they heard that people trying to bring supplies to Maniche were being robbed on the main route. One reason they were going to Maniche is that Mirline & Cincia’s mother lives up there. Another reason is that Pastor Isidor planted a church there many years ago. That is the church where the pastor died in the earthquake.
  • They took with them Sawyer water filters, which work with a five gallon bucket to give clean water. First Trinity gave a bunch of those several years back–some of you might remember. The ones Israelson had in-house now were given to him by an NGO called “Hope for Haiti” pre-quake. He is hoping to get more from them. The cost is $40 each. It is a God-sighting that Israelson was given those before the quake hit. God knew what would be needed.
  • Israelson mentioned that he may be trying to put together a small team of men to come down “in the next months”. Contact Renee Gietz if you are interested in going (rgietz@roadrunner.com).


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