Haiti Update – August 18, 2021

Haiti Update – August 18, 2021

The izidor Family are our main partners in Les Cayes and Torbeck, Haiti. Pastor Isreal Izidor founded a church, school and orphanage along with a public well for water and training for area pastors in his short lifetime. He passed away from menegitis in about 15 years ago. The ministry continues by his wife, Leonie and, in Haiti, son Isrealson and daughter Yelline. Two other children, Ezechias and Ketura, live in the US.

It might feel like praying is doing so little. But it is NOT, and our friends in Haiti are counting on it.  Let’s storm the throne of heaven and wait for a chance to do something

To give a financial gift (100% will go to Haiti) use this link.

Children at CIO (Children of Isreal Orphanage)
  • The storm has passed. Thanks be to God. They are still today experiencing aftershocks, which is traumatizing to all.
  • There is sad news that the pastor at Maniche was killed in the earthquake. His wife is OK and now in Les Cayes. They had “some” church members in Maniche who also died. Our mission teams have visited and done VBS in Maniche.
  • Isarelson was headed to Carre du For and to Maniche today to take pictures for people that are hoping to help those congregations.
  • Israelson is working to get water filters distributed. He feels God is calling him to do things that will help people over the long haul right now.
  • He mentioned that he and his wife Elda and their children may be moving to Torbeck (ourside Les Cayes where Leonie, Yelline & the orphanage is). He said that Elda is traumatized from being in Les Cayes for the quake and aftershocks. That is a big prayer request.
  • Israelson has a source that will ship things to Haiti for free for the next five weeks. One thing that is desperately needed is a generator. He will get us the model he needs.
socccer field next to church and school in Les Cayes
  • One of the pics above is of the soccer field next to the church in Les Cayes. The other is the kids at CIO eating off of the trays we brought down that used to be at Martin Luther Christian School.
  • First Trinity is sending some money right away. We will have the opportunity to send more money and supplies.
  • People in the community are sleeping in the church courtyard and at the orphanage.
  • Pastor Lubin on the island of Île-à-Vache says they are not hurt, either, but many homes have collapsed. We don’t know about the church structure (our sister church).
  • Genet (Yelline’s husband) is in the states, working on planes that would go directly from Florida to Les Cayes with relief supplies. We will wait to hear how we can help with that.
  • At some point, they will be looking for volunteers to go down. We will wait until our partners there feel it would be helpful. The country is still in disarray from the assassination of their President not that many weeks ago.

Many of our prayers need to go on behalf of the Isidor family and our other friends in Haiti. The needs are so very great around them. Pray that they will be strengthened by our great God as they work to do His will and share His love. Here are some names to pray over (certainly not exhaustive, but a place to start):

  • Leonie
  • Jean Willy (Leonie’s husband)
  • Israelson
  • Elda
  • Baby Isaac
  • Armanda
  • Arnaud
  • Yelline
  • Genet
  • Stephan (Yelline and Genet’s son)
  • Gregory (Yelline and Genet’s son
  • Pierre
  • Dilano (a young man who has been at the orphanage many years)
  • Moise (a young man who has been at the orphanage many years)


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