MOVE 2018 – Wednesday

MOVE 2018 – Wednesday

Today’s Theme: BELIEVE/DENY

Bible Readings: 1 John 2:21-25, 3:19-23
Main Points: Belief is active, not a one-time occurrence. John implores his readers to remain…to keep going, keep believing. All of this hinges on who we believe Jesus to be…He is the one in whom we place our faith and trust. God’s love for us is not affected by the quality of our belief…it really is the other way around. Even as we pursue the light and battle against the darkness, we can sometimes get caught up into thinking that our belief is the thing we should hope in, rather than the One in whom we believe. God is calling us to believe in His Son, Jesus with the help of His Spirit.  


  • Morning Session
  • Encounter/Small Group Time
  • Electives/Free Time
  • Evening Session/Alternative (Talent Show)
  • Youth Group Debrief

Prayer Ideas:

  • Pray for the MOVE staff and University staff that are serving us this week at Lee University
  • Pray for fun and safety in our free times
  • Programs would help us know deeply God’s love for us and lead us deeper in belief

A few Pictures from Yesterday:


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  1. Faith B Jacoby

    Thank you for sharing your schedule and pictures. We find them so inspiring and remind us to keep you all in prayer.

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