MOVE 2018 – Sunday

MOVE 2018 – Sunday

This Week’s Theme: CONTRAST

Each day for the next week here on the blog, you will find a summary of what our teens are doing each day at MOVE.  We will also have the theme and Bible passages of that day, some ideas of what to pray about, and hopefully some pictures from the day before.  Our theme for the entire week is “CONTRAST”. Kingdom Workers are called to stand out, to be different, and make a difference. There is a stark contrast between a life lived for the King and one lived for anything else. What are those differences? How should our lives be ones of contrast? This week we’ll be finding answers to those questions as we study the book of 1 John.  We hope you’ll consider studying these passages along with us! Thanks again for being a part of this journey.


  • Leave church around 6:45 a.m.
  • Drive to Ocoee, TN
  • Sleep at Quest Expeditions

Prayer Ideas:

  • Safe Travel
  • Relationship building that happens in the van
  • That God would use this time to prepare us for whatever he has planned for us in the week ahead
  • Good night’s rest before fun adventures tomorrow

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  1. Tim Hartnett

    Keeping you all in prayers for safe travel; safe fun rafting and zipping; and spiritual growth to demonstrate and live a life of “contrast” to make a difference in the world.

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