Workcamp 2017 – Day 4

Today’s Theme:From Doubt to Hope
Read Luke 24:25-27

In these verses, Jesus was saying to the travelers "Don't you understand the story?" Hope comes from Jesus revealing himself at just the right time. What happens when Jesus appears on your road to bring meaning to your story? Where have you experienced hope in your life so far?  Where do you need hope right now?




  • Pack tools/lunch/Morning program
  • Work at work sites morning and afternoon
  • Free Time
  • Evening Program and FT Team Devotion

Prayer Ideas:

  • Continued prayer for teams as they connect with each other and their resident.
  • Pray that teams would be able to problem solve any issues that come up on their worksite either with the job or among their team members.
  • That free time would re-energize us from the day
  • Evening Program and devotion would help us express any doubts we have and experience the hope of Jesus in the midst of those doubts.

Pictures from Yesterday:

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  1. Faith Jacoby

    Today just looking at the pictures you have posted gives us such hope for the youth of today, and the potential they have to make this a much better world. I believe we have given them much to deal with by not being as attentive to our communities and the people in our Land as we should have been. May we at least be there to support, direct and comfort them as they endeavor in the work they are doing. Thank you for sharing this week with us.

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