Workcamp 2017 – Day 2

Today’s Theme: From Home to Here
Read Luke 24:13-49

What road would you say you’re walking right now?  Is it a hard one or relatively easy right now?  Are there lots of people on the road with you or do you feel kind of alone?  Do you sense God near you or does he seem distant?  As we travel to camp and as you begin a new week, what does the road ahead of you look like this week?  Spend some time asking Jesus to reveal His presence with you on that road.




  • Worship at Peace in Christ Lutheran Church
  • Settle in at Tuscarora High School in Frederick
  • Opening Program at Workcamp
  • Meet Crews/Evening Program/Team Devotion

Prayer Ideas:

  • Smooth transition into Workcamp life
  • For people leading the whole event that last minute details come together and kick off well
  • Workcrews and assignments would match each of our abilities and skills
  • Workcrews would begin to connect as a team to serve God and each other

Pictures from Yesterday:



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