Florida Mission Trip Recap – Day 3

Florida Mission Trip Recap – Day 3

“Today we had the morning off so we went to the beach and an escape room. Seagulls tried to ruin our lunch in the beach by stealing three people’s sandwiches from their hands, but we survived. The escape rooms were super cool (my team had to maneuver through laser beams like ninjas). We went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and then had a surprise birthday party for Mayor Clayton at the village. Jordan and I ran the station where kids made birthday cards, which was one of many activities and games provided. Tonight we will be indulging on some brownies (made by Jordan and Elisa) and ice cream after our team devotions.” – Abbie 

“Today was an awesome day. We did so much fun stuff, like going to the beach and getting attacked by birds. We also went to an escape room, which was really fun, since I haven’t tried it before, even the car rides back and forth were so much fun. We were singing and talking about our different cultures. At GKTW we most of us were working at a birthday party, and it was so much fun, cause I got to interact more with the kids, which was so cool. They were so sweet and happy, and I really enjoyed it.” – Elisa Heldarskarð

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