Florida Mission Trip – Day 2 Recap

Florida Mission Trip – Day 2 Recap

“Our first day at Give Kids the World was totally awesome. I drove a train through dinosaur infested jungles as the kids tried to count them all. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy were there for the kids to get a little bit of Disney. The Halloween party was amazing cause we weren’t supposed to say no, my job was to hand out candy and an toys to the kids, so when the kids came back for more candy.” – Jake Collins 

“Today was our first day at Give Kid the World village. I was able to go on the last trip two years ago so I kind of knew what to expect. We all had different shifts this morning. Today I was able to work the carousel which was one of my favorites from the last trip. Being able to let the kids go around as many times as they want is probably the best part to me. Also seeing the smiles on the kids faces. We were able to see some of the kids that will be around throughout the week. 

In between shifts those of us that finished our shifts first went grocery shopping and then made lunch for the others. The servant leader workshop also happened in between shifts. In the afternoon we had a tour around Give Kids The World and got to hear fun stories from people who have been volunteers for a long time…things that I didn’t get to hear last time. Our final shift of the day was at the Halloween party. Even though we were all in the same room we had different jobs. A lot of us, including me, were passing out candy for trick or treating. We got to see some of the same kids that we saw earlier which is cool to see the connections forming already.” – Becky Boccolucci 

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