Surprised by Hope

Surprised by Hope

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Thank you so much for a wonderful celebration last weekend for my 10 years of ministry here. The love and support that you have shown me this last decade is overwhelming at times. I truly appreciate all the cards and kind words from everyone. And I was again amazed by the generosity of God’s people when I received the financial gift from the congregation. I can’t fit all my thoughts about my time here in this space, but you can read my much longer treatise in a previous post.

During my time at First Trinity, one thing I have always appreciated is the dedication of God’s people here to focusing on Jesus. Through good times and bad, we continue to focus on Jesus. And with good reason! Matthew, quoting Isaiah, says this about Jesus:

…and in his name the Gentiles will hope. Matthew 12:21

In the midst of dark and difficult times, hope is the light that guides us out of darkness and into something better. When we are grieving, hope is the comfort that brings us through. When we are hurting, hope is the balm that brings health and healing.

But hope is only as strong as the object of your hope. If you are hoping in yourself, you’re only going to be let down. The things of this world, including trusting your own strength, are false hopes. But not Jesus.

Because Jesus is the basis of our hope, we are confident that we will prevail—not because we’re so great, but because He is. Today we turn our eyes to Christmas as we remember the day that true hope entered our world, and we look for the promised return when our hope will be fully realized as Jesus takes us to be with Him for eternity.

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  1. Faith

    As always thank you for your inspiring words. May the Lord be with you as you continue to do His work.

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