Workcamp 2015 – Day 8

WC_2015_Theme_LogoToday’s Devotion:

Read Luke 8:39 and Psalm 126:3

Today as we head back we’ll be looking at what it means to live our our mission in our everyday lives.  The things we’ve learned and experienced here have the power to reframe our thoughts, words, and actions back home.  Jesus told the man in the story in Luke 8 to “go back home and declare how much God has done for you.”  Whether we’re “going back home” or never left home, consider today who you can declare what God has done for you!  Who can you share with today that God has done great things for you? Share with them that joy!

Today’s Schedule:

Prayer Ideas:

  • Safe travel
  • Safety and team building during mud course
  • For transition back to NY and restful night’s sleep for the adults who have to drive tomorrow.

Some Pictures from Yesterday:



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