Workcamp 2015 – Day 6

WC_2015_Theme_Jesus-Reframes-Your-PastToday’s Theme: Jesus Reframes Your Past

Read John 21:15-18

Peter meant well—but he kept messing up. He said the wrong things at the wrong time, was hot-headed and impulsive, and even tried to correct Jesus. In his darkest moment, he denied even knowing Jesus. Yet, Peter truly loved Jesus. So Jesus reframed Peter’s past by offering both forgiveness and an incredible purpose moving forward. Reflect today on the truth that He wants to reframe your past in the same way!


  • Pack tools/lunch
  • Morning program
  • Work at work sites morning and afternoon
  • Free Time
  • Evening Program and Special FT Team Devotion

Prayer Ideas:

  • Encouragement for teams as they have two more days to complete their home repairs.
  • That teams would be growing spiritually & as a group depending on each other this week.
  • For the residents and whatever they need; for courage for participants to ask the resident for prayer requests & opportunities to pray with them.
  • Pray for us as we ponder our past. Pray that God would bring to light areas of our lives that need healing and grace

Some Pictures from Yesterday:


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