Workcamp 2015 – Day 4

WC_2015_Theme_Jesus-Reframes-Who-You-Really-AreToday’s Theme: Jesus Reframes YOU
Read Matthew 9:9-13

Matthew, one of Jesus’ 12 disciples, went on to spread the news of Jesus to a giant portion of the world, wrote the book of Matthew, and died a martyr for his faith—but he didn’t start out that way. He was a despised tax collector and ran in circles of “sinners”. But Jesus didn’t see Matthew the way he was. Jesus reframed Matthew based on how he was created to be: a friend and follower of the Savior. What ways have you seen God reframe you or people around you?


  • Pack tools/lunch/Morning program
  • Work at work sites morning and afternoon
  • Free Time
  • Evening Program and FT Team Devotion

Prayer Ideas:

  • Continued prayer for teams as they connect with each other and their resident.
  • Pray that teams would be able to problem solve any issues that come up on their worksite either with the job or among their team members.
  • That free time would re-energize us from the day
  • Evening Program and devotion would help us see ourselves the way God truly sees us as His beloved child and friend

Some Pictures from Yesterday:

 See for pictures and updates throughout our day/week. Due to spotty phone/internet access they are difficult to put on the blog. 

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  1. Faith Jacoby

    It’s remarkable work you are all doing. There is so much too do, and so little to work with and yet each day you all seem to give it your best. I am sure the people watching you, and interacting with you are truly blessed.

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