A Delightful Trip! – FL Mission Recap (part 2)

A Delightful Trip! – FL Mission Recap (part 2)

VBS was a day of joy and delight!
VBS was a day of joy and delight!

As mentioned last week, the theme for the Florida Mission Trip in January was “Delighted to Share” based on a passage in 1 Thessalonians.  Throughout the week, in addition to our work, we explored various passages that used the word “delight”.   This happened in morning devotions, lead each day by a different team member, TAWG time (Time Alone With God) to dig into God’s Word personally, and then a team debrief each evening. In case you wanted to check them out, here were our daily themes along with some of the passages we talked about that day.

  • The One Who Delights in You (2 Samuel 22:1-4,17-20; Psalm 147)
  • Delighted to Share (1 Thessalonians 2:8-12, Romans 12, 1 Peter 4:8-11)
  • Delight in Our Savior (Isaiah 61:1-10; Job 22:26; Psalm 35:9-10)
  • Delight in Sabbath (Isaiah 58; Matthew 11:28-30)
  • Delight in Suffering (1 Peter 4:12-19, 5:10; James 1:2-4; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)
  • Delight in Scripture (Psalm 119:16, 24, 34-25; 2 Timothy 3:16)
  • It’s Been a Delight! (Recapped many above)

What was so great about this trip is that we got to see and experience “delight” all week.  We understood this word on such a deeper level, especially as we interacted with so many children.  Team member Doug Collins said it this way:

Amberville - One of the places kids experienced great delight at Give Kids the World.
Amberville – One of the places kids experienced great delight at Give Kids the World.

“I had a great time, it was very rewarding to help with all the different groups of children. Both at VBS and in our little group as well as the children at Give Kids the World. I really was impressed by the way that our group handled the challenges of our week. Watching Josh and Sarah interact with the little people in playing games and teaching at VBS was a lot fun. The kids were very energetic and enthusiastic. I felt blessed to be there.  The small changes we made in painting the walls and reviving the exterior was a nice touch.

I also felt blessed to be at Give Kids the World and to be able to bring smiles and squeals of joy to the children there. Being able to watch a child and their family get a day or 2 of fun and release from their situation, really made for a blessing.  Working in the village driving the golf cart and playing taxi was nice and I felt good running the Carousel with the Becky and Josh. The ice cream stand was busy but very rewarding for the short time we 4 were in there. I definitely would volunteer to go back or to go on another mission trip.”

Rewarding… fun… energy… enthusiasm… blessed… reviving… squeals of joy.


Josh driving delighted children around in the train.
Josh driving delighted children around in the train.

One of my personal favorite connections with this theme came on the “delight in suffering” day.  As you could likely tell from the description above, the kids at Give Kids The World were having an AMAZING time. Yet, many were suffering in unimaginable ways.  While the idea of having “delight” in the midst of suffering seems impossible, we got a very clear picture of what that can look like through these families.  We talked that night, though, about how when their week ends, they go back home and the “delight” was just a temporary thing.   With Jesus, we can find joy and delight in suffering that’s more than just “a week away”.  As we look through Scripture, we see that in God’s Kingdom, it’s the suffering that’s temporary.  Oh, it doesn’t seem temporary; some of us have and will suffer from various things our entire lives on earth. BUT our lives on earth are such a tiny, tiny thing in the grand picture of eternity.


Where have you seen God provide delight and joy in the midst of your suffering, or any of the things we discussed our week in Florida?  Comment below to share with others.  If you get a chance, talk with one of the team members about which day’s theme was most meaningful to them.


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