Connect-4 Groups

Looking for some connection?

If you’d like to connect with three other people around God’s Word, consider joining one of our Connect 4 groups, starting the week of April 27. Connect 4 groups meet for one hour a week, for eight weeks (virtually during this Covid time) and they use a Journey Guide (workbook-like) that has Scripture readings, easy-to-follow group meeting instructions and prayer prompts in it. Each Connect 4 group is working through one of these two Guides (cost is $8 or whatever you can donate):

  • Cultivating Faith, which looks at five faith practices (Embrace Sabbath Living, Live and Learn Scripture, Pray Unceasingly, Witness Willingly, Serve Others)
  • Cultivating Health, which looks at five health practices (Recognize God’s Call, Pursue Wellness, Grow in Wisdom, Optimize Finances, and Stay Connected)

You will need internet access and a microphone to participate (a smartphone, iPad, tablet or laptop will work).

If you would like to lead a Connect 4 group or have questions, contact Sue Steege (